Hi my name is Yoshiro Takeda but you can call me Yosh. I was born in JAPAN and grew up in a place called Hokkaido, where the snowy mountains meet the surfy sea. Age childhood, I spent most of my time playing in the snow, ice skating and skiing Age 18, I started surfing and was hooked!

I scored a job working at the local surf shop for no money, doing some ding repair jobs for a bit of income on the side. This planted the seed in my head that would grow into a deep curiosity of surfboard construction. Age 20 I made the decision to go overseas to learn how to make a surfboard.

The best place to start I thought was AUSTRALIA and I have not looked back!

After learning from many skilled legends in the industry, I have been making surfboards under my own name “Takeda Customs” for going on 18 years now, paving a niche in customised surfboards for people from all walks of life who enjoy the art of riding surfboards and the art of making such crafts. Age 44, I’m still learning many aspects of shaping, from design, laminating, sanding, airbrush artwork, resin work etc etc…and there is so much more which I love learning about and will continue to do so.

My life time goal has been to always strive for excellence in my work, producing high quality products and custom designs. “Takeda Customs” is located in CURRUMBIN, GOLD COAST. You will find me here in my world making all manner of custom surfcrafts from classic longboards, fishes, single fins, retro surfboards for the recreational surfer to high-perfomance shortboards for competitors. Making surfboards has been a dream come true for me and I am grateful to be able to continue to share the stoke of surfing with my customers.



A label born from my passion of providing well made products. From locally designed T-shirt print to innovative beach and surf accessories.

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